Andrew Jenks To Spell Out Gen Y Concerns To 2012 GOP Candidates

The filmmaker gives us a wink during production of Season 2.

In 2008, when a seat in the Oval Office was anyone's for the taking, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama captured the intrigue of young American voters when he promised change would come to a nation under significant political and social duress. Four years after the man's election, some things have certainly changed, and others haven't, but the GOP is looking to reclaim the seat it last occupied in 2009, and Andrew Jenks has got his eye on those gunning for the incumbent's spot in an extension of his "World."

With the "Power Of 12," through which Jenks will capture his conversations with Republican presidential candidates, the filmmaker will bring the concerns of his generation to Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and other GOP campaigns that strive to capture the young vote Obama dominated only a few years ago. While the focus of the elephants is generally centered on restoring a faltering economy, don't for a second think that Jenks will shy away from the topics of same-sex marriage, policy surrounding immigrants' rights and other hot-button issues the red might generally prefer to sweep under the rug.

Check out a trailer for the series of MTV News specials, which will also feature Jenks' attempt to reconnect with the president who's aiming to extend his term, plus make sure to keep up with the campaign trails as November 2012 draws near. And, oh yeah: VOTE!

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Photo by World of Jenks