Jenelle Explains Why She Pressed Charges Against Kieffer [Video]

Jenelle and Kieffer's toxic relationship appeared to finally lose its momentum on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2." After Kieffer got physically aggressive and kicked in her car door, she not only reached out to her mom and asked to come back home, but sought out the help of the legal system and pressed charges against him for domestic abuse.

When Jenelle went to file a formal complaint at the magistrate, she revealed that this wasn't the first time Kieffer had been violent. In the below clip from our latest "Teen Mom 2 After Show," she explains what pushed her over the edge this time, telling SuChin Pak that she wanted to take a stand and let her boyfriend know that his behavior was absolutely unacceptable. Take a look at the video and share your comments about Jenelle's decision to press charges.

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