Peter Hale's Still After Lydia, Somehow [Video]

As far as we know on "Teen Wolf," Lydia's still in a coma and Peter Hale's remains are helping a nice azalea patch see unprecedented bloom. But apparently, she woke up long enough and he was resurrected to a point that the two could play a second game of cat and mouse, so to speak. And things, well, they still aren't looking good for the redhead.

Holland Roden recently lent some acting talent, sans lines, to former costar Ian Bohen for the filmmaker's short piece, "Morning Love." When the morning sun starts to peek through the window in the vid, Roden wakes up in a strange bed to find the evidence of her indiscretion scattered all over the floor (saucy, Holls!) and makes her way through her interest's apartment. She smiles at the sight of a toothbrush the guy left out for her, takes in the top nodes of his freshly pressed shirts and understandably sh**s herself when she finds an assault rifle, a couple of handguns and a hunting knife in his closet. The walk of shame is suddenly the least of her worries.

+ Take a look at "Morning Love" below and tell us why you think Peter Hale is still out for Lydia. And, if we can reopen the debate for a second: What do you think is going to happen to Beacon Hills' most popular girl when "Teen Wolf" returns?

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