Holiday Gifts The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Should Get Each Other

Earlier today, we shared item No. 1 on Snooki's Christmas wish list: a rack as voluptuous as JWOWW's. But surely, a gift certificate to the plastic surgeon can't be all the "Jersey Shore" meatball hopes to find underneath her tree. What about other must-have items, like more neon monokinis or a jar of fancy pickles?

It normally takes a really good friend or family member to know exactly what to get someone for the holidays. But MTV bloggers prone to stalking can also do a pretty good job, especially if the presents are meant to be exchanged by Snooks and her seven housemates. Just take a look at our suggestions for things the cast can get each other this X-Mas:

Snooki to Deena

The most useful item Snooki could give her partner-in-crime is a reliable form of protection--and we're not talking about the smushing kind! Body armor, made out of indestructible plastic, will protect Deena's elbows, forearms, shoulders, chest, spine and even her tailbone from breaking every time that Chronic Falling Disorder kicks in.

Ronnie to Mike

Yeah, these housemates bumped heads--almost literally--while in Italy, but they've squashed their beef by now. And what better way for Ron to prove it than by giving his injury-prone buddy a stylish neck brace? (Ya know, just in case Mike and the infamous cement wall happen to collide again.) As silly as it sounds, this item IS indeed for sale--Ellen DeGeneres gave a similar one to Willow Smith on her show!

Snooki to JWOWW

This is more of a gag gift than anything, but it would surely get a huge laugh out of Jenni, who probably spent the most amount of time trying to get the coffeemaker to work in Florence, Italy. This one, by Moka Express, is an absolute classic. If she decides she's still a Starbucks girl, at least it'll look pretty in her kitchen.

Vinny to Pauly D

Fist Pump, Push-up, ChapStick was a remarkable creation that really solidified Pauly and Vinny's bond in Italy. But ChapStick's not the only brand of lip balm said to do the trick. Jack Black's conditioning products provide a broad-spectrum of UVA and UVB protection, which the DJ could definitely use now that he's getting charred inside the tanning bed.

Jenni to Snooki

For the wild little meatball that has a history of forgetting to put on all of her clothing, especially when she's going to a club with her possessive boyfriend and she's already done like 20 vodka shots, a multipack of colorful underwears seems like the perfect holiday gift. At least, Jionni's sure to like it.

Sammi to Ronnie

If Sam wants to reel her man back from the paws of seductive beach babes, giving him bedroom toys is certainly one way to go. Since we have no idea how kinky these two like to get, a gift certificate to Babeland, the adult toy emporium, might be just the trick. (Note to SamRon: Avoid all shop products with sharp edges.)

+ What do you think of our gift ideas? Sound off in the comments and let us know how you'd stuff the cast's stockings!

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Photo: Ian Spanier