4 Videos Rob Dyrdek Missed On 'Ridiculousness' (Ep. 16)

There's no doubt that professional skateboarder and collector of all things funny Rob Dyrdek worked diligently to find some of the best amateur videos around the internets this season, and during tonight's final episode of "Ridiculousness," dude delivered. Between the "You Could Not Do That Again If You Tried" segment, where we saw a bungee jumper land right inside a golf cart, to the twin dogs who just loved playing with boots, we couldn't get enough. But there were a few amusing clips we thought he overlooked.

To make sure you didn't miss a single bit of stupidity this week, we worked equally as hard rounding up vids to share with you guys. Check out our roundup of wild web happenings:

The Baby Whisperer

Oh, the responsibilities of parenting. When the baby cries, you have to get up and feed it, or something. Unless you have a motherly cat in the house, in which case, it'll be happy to handle the cranky newborn for you.

Strangers On A Train

Man, we wish this was our morning commute. A woman on a train in Germany belts out belly laughs, and it doesn't take long before it spreads throughout the car. Someone please tell us what she was looking at on her phone!


Who says you can't take your sleek snowboard out to the salt flats in Utah? Certainly not these guys, who were able to cruise as fast as 50 mph! Something tells us that the bottom of those boards is probably trashed by now.

The Artist

Questioning everything we know about how the left and right brain works, artist Xiaonan Sun draws both Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins simultaneously. It actually hurts our head just watching it!

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