All Snooki Wants For Christmas Are JWOWW's Boobs

Were it not for fear of certain sedatives, Snooki's dream rack might already be erupting out of her shirt. But this holiday season, it looks as if the "Jersey Shore" meatball might risk anesthesia, anyway, if it means her chesticles will tower as high and mighty as those that belong to best bud JWOWW. "All I want for Christmas is big knockers like @JenniWOWW," Nicole recently tweeted.

While Santa should certainly consider all requests, we do have some concerns about this particular one. Like, will they fit down the chimney? Plus, we're not sure any of the elves have the necessary surgical experience to see this type of gift-giving through. Herbie might have been able to consult the guidette over basic orthodontia or whitening, but his experience outside the toy-making factory starts and stops with teeth.

As for Jenni, whose sought-after set isn't going anywhere, X-Mas vacation can't come soon enough. Roger got his girlfriend a big, bright novelty snowmobile with "JWOWW" plastered on the side! Nothing says wintry romance like avoiding a row of oaks by inches and accidentally treading over a woodland creature or two.

"Roger just texted me my early Christmas present!" Jenni tweeted.

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Photos: Ian Spanier and courtesy of @JenniWOWW