Speidi Ham It Up Over X-Mas Break [Photos]

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are all smiles in Santa hats during a weekend getaway.

There is no greater sigh of relief than that which follows collegiate final exams. So it comes as no surprise that USC student Spencer Pratt sported a smile so wide this weekend, it would have seemed impossible he was ever considered the villain of the "Hills." A glimpse at this would have made the Grinch's heart grow FOUR times its size. Tough break, Whoville.

Spence and wife Heidi Montag shared a cozy weekend at old "Laguna Beach" favorite getaway, Mammoth Mountain, this weekend, and the only thing more noticeably white than the snow-capped mountains were the pair's teeth, which didn't get a break all day. When Speidi weren't on sleigh rides of their own design or enjoying some fresh powder on skis and a snowboard, they were giving JWOWW a run for her money on a couple's snowmobile outing. Heidi hasn't looked this happy since move-in day at the Villas at Park La Brea!

+ Check out photos of Speidi in all of their Kris Kringle glory, and let us know what your hopes for the couple are this Christmas. If it's not too late, we'll certainly settle for an advanced copy of Mrs. Pratt's tell-all book.

Speidi ride across a winter wonderland.

The lovebirds get flirty while hitting the slopes.

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Photos: Richard Beetham/Splash News