That's What You Said...About Jenelle And Kieffer's Fight

We hated seeing Jenelle and Kieffer sleeping in her car during this week's episode of "Teen Mom 2," but we absolutely cringed when we watched them get into that heated parking lot fight. During the "Teen Mom 2 After Show," the young mom explained how Kieffer's drinking affects their relationship, and many of you had a lot to say about his alcohol-induced behavior. Here's a sprinkling of the reactions that were posted on Remote Control and Facebook

Remote Control:

"Kieffer is probably the worst choice Jenelle could have made for a boyfriend, his bad judgements/influences just drag her down further and further." -- Rachel

"I have ZERO sympathy for Jenelle. She doesn't deserve her child when she puts a Kieffer before Jace. That's absolutely ridiculous. He's not worth more than your son. NO ONE should be." -- Missy

"I see so much of my past self in Jenelle. I really wish she could see what really is going on. I think she is just a lost little girl who needs love and direction." -- Leslie


"Jenelle puts Kieffer before everything and everyone else in her life. Shes willing to give up her child and a home for some alcoholic who smokes pot, and to me that sounds like an emotional imbalance." -- Brittnay

"Sorry to say this, but [Jenelle's] mom was right about Kieffer. He never treats her with respect." -- Brooklyn

"Guess she likes being homeless and poor since she likes sticking with Kieffer. She should want to better her life." -- Candice

+ There don't appear to be many people that support this relationship, but how do you feel? Does Kieffer bring Jenelle down, or does she just get in her own way? Let's keep the convo going!

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