Buy Liz Lee's Random Crap And Help Her Move To L.A.!

Liz Lee poses in a 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' muscle tee.

The chick with hipster leanings who seemed like the perfect Brooklyn fit on "My Life As Liz" is abandoning the NYC borough and making a move to the other side of the country. That's right: Liz Lee will soon be a California girl, but first, she needs your help. Because Liz says she's got a little too much crap lying around her apartment that she'll need to part with before the big trip, she's asking fans to consider taking some off her hands through a virtual garage sale.

Is she moving for work? Maybe there's a guy on the other end of several interstates? We're not quite sure yet, but if relocating is all it takes to get our hands on a "Large vintage collared shirt with weird print" or "Love is a blind whore with a mental disease and no sense of humor" graphic tee, here's hoping she sees a transfer to France or Germany in 2012.

+ Make sure to check out Liz's Tumblr for a complete itemized list of what exactly she's hawking, and tell us which sale would make the perfect holiday gift. "Awesome bright colored flannel with weird pattern" is looking pretty good to us, but we certainly don't want to make the choice for you.

Bon voyage, L. Lee!

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