Behind The Scenes Of The 'Jersey Shore Hook-Up' [Photos]

Sammi, Deena, Mike and Kenny, shooting the shiz on set during break time.

Today was a freakin' blast, as our resident 'Blast In A Glass' Deena Nicole would say. Well, actually, she did say it. Right after we wrapped our first "Jersey Shore Hook-Up" shoot for Season 5! The always merry meatball, as well as Mike and Sammi, swung by our Times Square studio to chat with Kenny Santucci about the upcoming episodes, and we'll tell ya, he milked a whole 'lotta inside info out of them. Hint: Italy was just the beginning of Sitch and Snooki's problems.

Sam and Deena showed up right on schedule (we lurrrrve it when MTV talent is punctual!), with Mike just a few steps behind and looking like he'd come straight from a GQ boardroom meeting. It was the perfect trio to kick off another round of the "Hook-Up," and we can't wait to show you our first installment!

Check out the behind-the-scenes pics, tune in to MTV Jan. 5 at 10/9c for the season premiere of "Jersey Shore" and remember to head to immediately afterward to watch the "Hook-Up"!

Quick hair and makeup check for Sammi. Oh, to have such sheen!

Sitch is no diva--he's happy to clip on his own mic!

Deena smooths out her 'do before taping begins.

That dorky girl waving? Me, looking way too happy to be there.

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Photos: Michelle Crowe