MTV Wants Your 'Awkward' Family Photos!

"Quick, someone get us some mistletoe!"

Remember last year when we poked fun at the Sorrentino clan's cable knit turtleneck photo? Well, Mike's certainly not the only MTV castie that's guilty of striking such a cheesy pose with siblings, which is why "Awkward" is rewarding anyone who's ever been forced to endure the embarrassment of taking an Awkward Family Photo and seeing it hang proudly above the fireplace in their parents' home.

From now through Jan. 3, fans are encouraged to submit their dorkiest portraits to the "Awkward" Facebook page as part of the "Awkward" Family Photo contest. Once 100 submissions are received (Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern have already uploaded their own special snapshot!), MTV will dole out a sweet surprise gift from the cast. So grab that gold leaf frame off the wall, scan the image into the computer and send it on over (check out the Facebook page for more details).

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Photo: Jonathan Groce/MTV