Have Catelynn And Tyler Of 'Teen Mom' Set A Date?

Doth our eyes deceive us? We could have sworn only moments ago, Catelynn of "Teen Mom" tweeted that she and longtime boyfriend Tyler had finally set a date to get married, but our ability to effectively snap screenshots is piss poor, and we weren't able to get any proof before the declaration suddenly disappeared. Technological strife!

If you'll recall, the couple exchanged a promise awhile back, but decided to focus on cementing themselves as a couple in their own place and hammering down a solid plan for school and work before taking the big, scary step into state-endorsed matrimony. C&T have been together for years now, and we were thrilled to hear they might have been ready to be a Mr. and Mrs., but now we're not sure.

+ What do you think about the possibility of Cate and Ty getting hitched--is it for real, and would you want it to be? Maybe we'll find out next year when "Teen Mom" returns to MTV, but until then, guess we'll just have to wait. Stupid internet.

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