Facebook Fans Offer Words Of Encouragement To Leah From 'Teen Mom 2'

Leah and Corey just can't catch a break when it comes to their daughter Ali. During this week's episode of "Teen Mom 2," Leah got some unsettling news after a visit to Ali's eye doctor. While he said that her daughter's eye movement showed signs of improvement, he still thought Ali might have a brain abnormality. The only way to get a definitive answer was to do another MRI. Saddened, we turned to Facebook to see if fans had any words of encouragement for Leah. Here's a sample of what some of you had to say:

"Every time I see that precious girl in her glasses I get choked up! As a mom of identical twin girls, I feel a special connection to her. It is NOT easy being a mom, especially to twins! I hope she can get great support and make it through! Her girls need her to be strong! She will do great." -- Jenn H.

"I would remind her that she has a loving support system in her husband, her mom and his parents! I would tell her to remember no matter how hard things get, to always be able to talk to Corey and don't close him out. The power of prayer is amazing and never stop praying. No matter what is wrong with her, she can still have a very normal childhood. And just to be as strong as she can and take one day at a time." -- Stefani B.

"Leah, you will be OK. There are so many different reasons for health issues and we always ask questions like, "Why me?" or, "Why my babies?" She's still young, and she has time to progressively get so much stronger." -- Shelly S.

"My son is going through the same thing as Ali. They found out that some of his vessels behind his left eye are bruised. His eye always goes cross-eyed. All we can do is be strong for our babies and just don't lose hope." -- Amanda T.

"I just went through a situation where it took 10 and a half months to get an answers about my daughter. She was hospitalized four times in less than 2 months and was seeing four specialists at one point. My best advice is don't stop until you get answers." -- Jamie N.

+ What do you think of this insight? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you would say to Leah if she came to you for guidance, plus check out a clip from our "Teen Mom 2 After Show," where the young mom tells SuChin Pak that she blames herself for Ali's developmental issues. Even though Corey remains optimistic, she says he's never present at those doctor's appointments, so it's easier for him to be positive. The hard part is sitting there when the physicians deliver the bad news.

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