Pauly Proves You Can Overload On UV [Video]

Before his trip to the motherland, Pauly D, canvasser of all things tan, could have spent weeks in the sun and achieved nothing more than a good bronze tint. But his rightfully earned melanin was stripped from him in a salon-less Florence, Italy, and when the DJ returned to the "Jersey Shore," ridding himself of his ghostly complexion was an uphill battle.

In the GIF below, it looks like Pauly might have overdosed on UV rays for the first time in his life. Upon touching down in the United States and completing what was probably 76 commemorative sessions behind a pair of complimentary eye protectors, Pauly finally got a taste for what the rest of us commoners experience when we get too much sun. GET THE KID SOME ALOE VERA!

+ Take a look at a crispy Pauly below, and make sure to catch his peeling skin in all its glory when Season 5 of "Jersey Shore" premieres on Jan. 5 at 10/9c.

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