'Real World' Poll: Who Changed The Most In San Diego?

Oh, how far we've come. Back in August, when info on "Real World: San Diego" first started trickling in, we had certain questions we imagined we'd have answered by the time this group of seven bid the West Coast adieu. Would Zach and Frank ever be friends? Would Alex and Byron last? Would Ashley be hot AND smart? We were dead on with some predictions, way off with others, but as we thought would be the case, we did indeed see many personality changes over time.

While Sam, Alex and Zach seemed to arrive at the house with as much security and conviction as they left it, their four other housemates saw some pretty drastic changes in California. Take a look at how Frank, Ashley, Nate and Priscilla turned over a feather or two while they were on "Real World," and tell us in our poll who you think changed the most (and whether it was for the better or worse!).

Frank: He's irreconcilably different from the day we first met him. Frank was consistently rational and articulate when it came to analyzing the behavior of people around him, but as soon as he, himself, entered the equation, he lost his bearings and his insecurities shone through. That is, until the end of the season, when the guy known for smashing plates for attention finally learned his biggest lesson: Sometimes in life, you're just not meant to get along with certain people.

Ashley: On the surface, it might not have looked like she changed much, but when the girl with her guard up broke down in the finale at the very thought of losing Zach, we saw a different side to her--one that spoke to the contrary of Nate's assertion that she was never anything more than a brick wall. Whether Ashley will ultimately grow to be friends with firecrackers like Frank remains to be seen, but her last show of emotion gave us hope that maybe she'll come around.

Nate: The engineer came into the house with a chip on his shoulder and a compulsion to hammer down his image as a guy's guy. After Nate finally opened up about his past coping with the loss of loved ones to suicide, he started to confide in people he typically might not have--like Frank, whom he'd once written off as just a gay guy whose hookups he'd have to avoid. Nate ultimately left the house best buddies with Frank and Sam, two people he'd probably never expected to cultivate such a strong bond with at a first glance.

Priscilla: Any time anyone moves away from home for the first time (or at least down the road, in Scrills' case), changes are bound to come. Priscilla entered the house on Day One unsure of how she'd fare without her mother, and unwilling to enter any bout of confrontation. When she finally stood up to ex-boyfriend, Dylan, though, we saw a person who finally had a sureness in herself, and by the time her mother came to pick her up and bring her back home, a woman with confidence sat in the same seat that a shy girl occupied only weeks earlier.

Which Real Worlder changed the most this season?

  • Frank
  • Ashley
  • Nate
  • Priscilla

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