'Real World' Poll: Think Zach And Ashley Will Last?

Nothing could have prepared us for the respectable bond that Zach and Ashley cultivated during "Real World: San Diego." They spotted each other during grueling jaunts to the gym, consoled one another when Team Zashley was attacked for being close-minded, and tonight, as all of the roommates waved their final "crab circle" goodbyes, they snuggled up against each other at the airport like sad little puppy dogs. How did this couple defy the relationship rules of reality TV (that which starts here, ends here), and, more importantly, will that sweet image of them together at Gate 22 last beyond San Diego?

+ Zach and Ashley have stuck together throughout the entire season, so do you think they have a shot at making it as a couple outside of the house, or will the pains of long-distance dating wear too thin? Take the poll and sound off in the comments!

Will Zach and Ashley's relationship last?

  • There's no way!
  • OMG, totally! They're adorable.

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