Dizzy Scrizzy's 5 Best Lines From Cabo

During the "Real World" crew's trip to Cabo San Lucas, they had a surprise visit from an eighth roomie. Her name was Dizzy Scrizzy, and she was Priscilla's tequila-loving alter ego, who unfortunately didn't get a chance to show her face until the gang went to a country with a lower legal drinking age.

Dizzy was fun and had a mantra that all the roommates could get behind: "Bikinis y bebidas!" A popular way of life, yes, but after overindulging for a few days, Dizzy Scrizzy's beach shenanigans took a toll on the young gal. While she may not remember the entire vacation, Scriz certainly left us with some memorable one-liners. Take a look at some of Dizzy Scrizzy's best philosophies on life.

"I am getting to know my roommates on another level…with my mouth."

"It's Priscilla's vacation. It's time to get crazy. It's time to go wild. I am not saying 'no' to a single thing this whole vacation."

"Dizzy Scrizzy is out, and my breasts are probably popping out everywhere and I love every second of it."

"One more drink and I am making OUT!"

"Parasailing is intended to be majestic, relaxing, with breathtaking views. I am literally contemplating vomiting into the ocean over all the speedboats going by."

Dizzy Scrizzy was obviously chock-full of wisdom, and it's unfortunate that her time with us was so brief. Do you have any fav Scrizzy sayings we left off? Let us know what you like about Priscilla's wild side in the comments.

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