'Tallafornia' To Give Ireland A Taste Of 'Jersey Shore'

The Emerald Isle got its first taste of televised fist-pumping Sunday night, just weeks before the "Jersey Shore" heads back to Seaside Heights (Season 5 premieres on MTV Thursday, Jan. 5, at 10/9c), and it looks like the seven West Dubliners of "Tallafornia" might have a leg up on their American counterparts, if for no other reason than the show features BLONDES. The novelty! The horror!

TV3's foray into the Jameson-soaked jacked and bejeweled opened to a sizable audience Sunday night and trended worldwide on Twitter. Perhaps it was home repair guy/stripper Jay, who can shingle a roof just as quickly as he can slip off his pants, that captivated audiences. Or, maybe coeds Natalie and Nikita, who are known for tearing up campus life, drew viewers to the show. Either way, there's no doubt that Cormac, a 29-year-old cab driver who's into "babes, BMWs and bodybuilding" will become a fan favorite.

+ Take a look at a snippet from the show below and tell us if you'll be jumping on the next flight to Shannon International to catch the septet in action.

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Photo courtesy of TV3.ie