Snooki Takes Home A WWE Slammy Award [Photo]

The champ of the night proudly poses with her 2011 Slammy Award.

If you caught Snooki's acrobatic WWE beatdown earlier this year, then you watched the high-flying "Jersey Shore" castie/"squirrel monkey" take down some super-tall blonde chick. Well, all of Snooki's hard work paid off, because not only did she do Mike "The Miz" Mizanin proud (in July, he said her work in the ring was "amazing"), but she impressed the wrestling organization, who just presented her with the WWE A-Lister of the Year award, outshining the The Muppets, Cee Lo Green and even Hugh Jackson.

Two days ago, the pint-size castie proudly tweeted the good news to her fans, writing, "Took home the WWE Slammy award! I Will Be A Diva Champ Someday!" While her talents inside the ring are surprisingly on point, the sport can be dangerous and we prefer seeing her take on safer hanging out with the sorta-harmless "Three Stooges" or nose-diving onto beanbags.

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki