Can Relationships Last After The 'Real World' Ends?

During the season finale of "Real World: San Diego," Zach and Ashley shared a tearful goodbye, but they both made it clear that they intended to continue dating. We have no idea whether or not their San Diego-born relationship will withstand the agony of living apart, so we decided to look to other "Real World" couples for clues. Let's see if ZAshley have a chance at lasting romance.

Pam and Judd, "Real World: San Francisco"

No one expected these two to become a couple. For one thing, she was a busy medical student and he was a nerdy cartoonist. For another, she had a boyfriend at the time. So it was a surprise to all Frisco fans to learn that the two became a couple after the show ended. They have been married since 2001 and still live in The Bay.

Rachel, "Real World: San Francisco" and Sean, "Real World: Boston"

Rachel and Sean have three things in common: They're both "Real World" alumni, dedicated Republicans and very attractive. No wonder these two fell in love while filming "Road Rules: All Stars." They married 18 months after they met and have gone on to successful careers (Rachel as a guest host on "The View," and Sean as a first-year congressman). Rachel and Sean also have six (yes, six!) kids.

Alton and Irulan, "Real World: Las Vegas"

These roomies were instantly attracted to each other, which was problematic since Irulan already had a boyfriend. Eventually, they gave into temptation and hooked up, which led to a tempestuous romance filled with fights, tears and drama that lasted all season long. Alton and Irulan's relationship continued after the show ended, but they split up three years later. When the cast reunited in 2007, the exes revisited painful wounds and dragged old roomie Arissa into their mess.

Wes and Johanna, "Real World: Austin"

The "Austin" series is memorable for birthing two roommate romances. Wes and Johanna had a fun and flirty relationship during the show, and Wes even used Johanna to make his dream girl jealous. But these two only had eyes for each other once their season wrapped, and announced that they were dating during the reunion show. They both appeared on "Fresh Meat," and Wes pledged to use his prize money to buy the pretty brunette an engagement ring. Unfortunately, their relationship fizzled and the drama from the split played out during "The Ruins," when Wes, Johanna, and Wes' new girlfriend (KellyAnne from "Real World: Sydney") all competed on the show.

Danny and Melinda, "Real World: Austin"

They're the other couple from "Austin," but unlike Wes and Johanna, these lovebirds actually made it to the altar! Danny and Melinda had an amazing romance--even when they fought, they couldn't bear to be apart for long. By season's end, they were an official couple and Melinda moved to Boston to be with him. They married in 2008 in a ceremony attended by their roommates, only to divorce two years later.

Jemmye and Knight, "Real World; New Orleans"

These roomies hooked up early in the season, but Knight couldn't fess up to his true feelings so they remained friends with benefits until they left the NOLA house. At the reunion show, we learned Jemmye and Knight had moved in together (even though Knight couldn't quite say those "three little words" to his girlfriend). Earlier this year they made news when both were jailed after a fight with a bouncer. So it seems the couple that gets arrested together, stays least for now!

+ Do you have any faith in "Real World" couples after reading through our list? Sound off in the comments and let us know if you think Zach and Ashley will make it!

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