Zach And Ashley Get Serious About A Future Together [Sneak Peek]

In the land of the "Real World," as well as the REAL real world (you know, the one that's not televised), roommates and romance do not mix. Friends-with-benefits relationships always backfire because, despite everyone's best intentions, someone catches feelings and the whole thing explodes into a bloody mess of jealousy, then tears, then rage. But for some reason, Zach and Ashley's situation has defied history. They're, like, exclusively into each other and they haven't even bumped uglies (at least, not that we know of)!

Check out this sweet sneak peek of Wednesday's season finale, where the two gym buddies start chatting about their future together. Zach bashfully asks Ashley if she's going to continue dating him after they leave their San Diego crib, and her answer is obviously yeskies! We have to admire their determination to keep it going.

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