Jenelle Discusses Kieffer's Drinking And Living In Her Car [Video]

Tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2" was a particularly dramatic one for Jenelle. After Barbara kicked her out of the house for lying about seeing Kieffer, she was forced to take shelter in her car for two days. Factor in a thunderstorm that hit the first night, and it was definitely two days too many. As the young mother explains in this week's "Teen Mom 2 After Show," water was leaking into her car and the situation turned pretty dire. "I was just so strung up on Kieffer," she tells SuChin Pak in the video below. "I stooped down to his level."

And sleeping in her car wasn't the only hardship Jenelle endured during Episode 2--a fight about Kieffer's excessive drinking got rough. Apparently, it wasn't the first time something like this had happened, and alcohol always seemed to be the common thread. "He can't just have one drink," she explains to SuChin. "He has to have the entire bottle."

+ Hear more of Jenelle's discussion about her unhealthy patterns with Kieffer in this clip from the after show, plus take the poll and share whether you've ever been involved in a relationship that turned physical.


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