Bryson From 'My Life As Liz' Live-tweets The Fall Of Occupy Houston

Bryson Gilreath's love triangle with Liz Lee was the least of his worries yesterday afternoon. The "My Life As Liz" cast member was caught in the middle of the Occupy Houston movement's disbandment, where many protesters were arrested by law enforcement. In the middle of all the action, he took to Twitter to share his observations.

"We're literally being followed by a police helicopter on the way to the Houston port," Gilreath tweeted. "This is spooky, guys." He went on to document city police lowering tents over protesters to hide their arrests, and said that officers were stomping on demonstrators with horses and using the animals' heads to force the crowd into submission.

According to the Houston Chronicle, 20 people were arrested for trying to block a commercial port in Houston. Police said that those who were arrested were taken into custody for blocking public roadways.

The last thing Bryson wrote was "Department of Homeland Security shows up to Occupy Houston..." and we haven't heard from him since. We hope he's doing OK! Below, check out some of the photos he posted with his commentary.

"The civil-disobedients who put their arms in lock boxes to block the road into the Houston port." --@BrysonIsGood.

"The disobedients who locked arms in solidarity." --@BrysonIsGood.

"The giant scary tent they lowered over the people in the road to hide the arrests." --@BrysonIsGood.

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Photos courtesy of @BrysonIsGood