Mike Coats His Private Parts In Body Spray [Video]

A little down the happy trail...a substantial spritz up the pant leg...heck, let's put a final coat on the ol' Buick, shall we? Seriously, are these the sorts of things guys really do when they get ready to go out? Does cologne no longer go on the neck?

We've watched Mike long enough to say with certainty that the "Jersey Shore" castie's not dousing himself in Axe varnish in the below video because he's too tired to bathe--the very concept of GTL was practically built on cleanliness, so there's no way this is a French shower--so why, then, does he need so much friggin' body spray? He literally shellacs himself with smell goods!

Take a look at the #gorilla_in_the_mist GIF and help us out here: Is Sitch sadly misguided, or is this, like, a thing for all guys?

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