4 Videos Rob Dyrdek Missed On 'Ridiculousness' (Ep. 15)

There's no doubt that Rob Dyrdek has been working diligently to find some of the best amateur videos around the internets, but there were a few amusing clips we think he overlooked during the latest episode of "Ridiculousness." We want to make sure that you don't miss a single bit of stupidity, so here are four more of the wildest happenings on the web (one was even fan-submitted!).

The Puppy King

Forcing your dog to eat out of a tin bowl on the kitchen floor is so passé, not to mention, highly unsophisticated. Which probably explains why this pet owner gave his hound a nifty throne to eat his kibble on.

Careful For The Flying Trampoline

When Conor Guichan started filming a massive storm in his hometown, he had no idea that he'd spot a runaway trampoline in the midst of flying debris. His reaction totally reminds us of the "Double Rainbow" guy.

Cordial Yogi Berra

You have to appreciate the hospitality of this bear, who, after spotting a group of tourists traveling in a car, decided to give them a big, welcoming hello. How courteous of him!

The Agricultural Mastermind (submitted by Jason P. via Facebook)

We don't know what prompted this guy (probably booze) to perform this really, really dangerous stunt, but he successfully climbed into the back of a baler and went through a hay compression machine. Er, that doesn't even look fun.

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