Snooki And Other MTV Family Members Trim Their Trees [Photos]

In true ex-cheerleader fashion, Snooki is lifted to the treetop by Jionni.

Now that Snooki's as light as a feather, she's the perfect candidate to place the star glittery bow atop the Christmas tree (while clad in glittery red boots, of course). When the "Jersey Shore" cast does the holidays, they do 'em right, without a singly sparkly speck spared.

There was a point at which the way celebrities spent the yuletide was shrouded in mystery. Then, Twitter came along, and the subjects of limelight proudly posted photos of burnt gingerbread men and mismatched Blitzen slippers to the internet without hesitation. MTV's cast members are no exception.

In the photo collection below, check out Deena's new cat catching a nap beneath a bow, Whitney Port trying to out-tall the tree in New York City's Rockefeller Center and Heidi Montag declaring her favorite part of the season (the liquor). Oh, and Molly Tarlov gets an early gift--the greatest "Awkward" fan art to date.

Deena's new cat, Mako, catches some Zs beneath her pine.

Even the tallest "Hills" alum looks like an ant compared with Rock Center's famous tree.

Molly Tarlov displays some Sadie Saxton fan art.

Heidi becomes religious about wine during the holidays.

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Photos courtesy of @Sn00ki, @DeenaNicoleMTV @LeenaBoBeena, and @HeidiMontag