'Single Ronnie' Gets Cozy With TWO Beach Babes [Photos]

Ronnie gets cheeky with a contemplative brunette during a photo shoot in Venice Beach, Calif.

Ronnie may be internally aching over the veritable devastation of SamRon, but publicly, the "Jersey Shore" castie and questionable skateboarder has never looked happier.

During a photo shoot in Venice Beach, Calif., last week, the budding male model welcomed his outgoing "Single Ronnie" alter ego with open arms, as evidenced by these racy photos. Torn between two bikini babes, he decided to just go for both. Because he can.

While the intimacy of this oceanside love triangle may appear authentic, we have to remember that they're posing for a clothing line; he's not intentionally flossing his newfound singledom (or eager DTFs) in front of Sammi's face. Plus, it's not like he's actually nibbling on that girl's rear. He's probably just inspecting the quality of Lycra used in her suit, you know, because he's now part of the fashion game and doesn't want to be associated with poor quality...Oh, who are we kidding--he's totally kissing her butt!

Ronnie makes a trade and cozies up with the Model No. 2.

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Photos: TC/Splash News