JWOWWWWWW 'Busts' Into The Room, Jaws Drop [Video]

When you see what you're about to see, you might just sport an identical expression to that worn by Vinny and Pauly in the screenshot above.

The manner in which JWOWW struts her stuff around the "Jersey Shore" house has the guys as giddy as they've been since Vin's family walked through the front door with an 11-course dinner in tow. The guidette that towers over all others leaves little to the imagination when she passes through the familiar Seaside Heights halls and silences any and every doubt that she didn't deserve the January Maxim cover. Wonder if all those belly shirts we're sure to see in Season 5 will have the same effect on her house brothers (a relation the two have probably never lamented more).

Take a look at this "#JWOWWWWWW" GIF, a follow-up to "#Meatball_Down," and then take a second to check your reflection. Yup, you've got an ear-to-ear grin and your jaw has actually managed to break through the floorboards.

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