Get An Early Look At Pauly D's 'Jersey Shore' Spin-off! [Photos]

Pauly D spins at Britney Spears' last show on the "Femme Fatale" tour in Puerto Rico.

For the sake of sincerity, it's important that a reality show capture the true, inimitable parts of its subject's life. For you or me, that might mean clumsily dropping a carton of eggs at the grocery store. For Pauly D, as featured in his upcoming "Jersey Shore" spin-off, it means just another lap dance from the biggest pop star in the world. Business as usual.

Over the weekend, Pauly was snapped by shutterbugs while filming his upcoming reality show during the last leg of Britney Spears' "Femme Fatale" tour in Puerto Rico, and by the looks of things, he had one hell of a time. From a new booth that spat out "J. Shore" images to a new entourage by the DJ's side, there's some good stuff to look forward to when the guy with that ingrown hair/zit (we can leave that on the cutting-room floor this time) takes the reins on his own project.

+ Take a look at the photos below, and tell us if you're excited for Pauly D's spin-off! What details from PD's personal life are you hoping to see?

PD gets another lap dance from Brit-Brit.

Pauly and his crew have got the good seats at Britney's show.

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Photo: Butterworth/Prahl/Splash