New 'Teen Wolf' Cast Member Already Has Black Eye [Photo]

New member of the 'Wolf' pack, Daniel Sharman, sports a bruiser.

Last week we leaked some exciting developments concerning the upcoming season of "Teen Wolf," which is being shot at this very moment (yesssss). For "Battlestar Galactica" dorks, the big news was that Michael Hogan was all signed up to hunt mythological creatures, and "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" fans were ecstatic over cutie Daniel Sharman also nabbing a spot on the cast lineup.

We spotted this photo of Sharman on MTV's Teen Wolf Tumblr, which is brimming with behind-the-scenes pics from the set (if you--like us--require more insider updates on production to breathe steadily, then be sure to check out the page). So we decided to dig around to see if we could find more info on his character. According to, Sharman is a "lacrosse teammate of Scott's, and Alpha Derek's dangerous new pet project," which sounds problematic for everyone. And, judging by that shiner on his left eye, it's safe to say that someone in Beacon Hills is not a fan of the newcomer. Too bad, cuz we are!

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