Introducing...'Jersey Shore' Meatball GIFs Set To House Music

As if the new "Jersey Shore" trailer wasn't enough to whet your appetite, now our clever MTV promos department has released a whole slew of addictive GIFs that will make you wish Christmas were in the can and it was already time for the Season 5 premiere of the series (airs Jan. 5 at 10/9c, let's mark it in our calendars, shall we?). And while we highly recommend watching all six of them, for tonight we've just singled out the ones starring meatballs.

It's not that we don't love to watch JWOWW's JWOWWS jangle on repeat or see Sitch spruce up his pubic region--it's just that these three digital shorts struck us as actual works of art, containing meaning that transcends their original purpose of getting fans hyped for the upcoming episodes.

Don't believe us? Just feast your eyes on "#merp," which calls to mind a lost child crying out for her mom, or "#bunnysmush," where Snooki ever so gently backs that ass up, ensuring that it's as good for her friend as it is for her. Now there's a powerful statement about sisterly bonds.

The Guggenheim hasn't called yet to inquire about the private collection, but hey, f*** 'em. They don't know what they're missing.




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