Deena Nicole Defines Terms From Her Personal Dictionary [Video]

Deena teaches Webster a thing or two about definitions.

A few months ago we shared some photos of Deena Nicole posing in a hot pink boa and nerd glasses while holding a "Deena Nicole Dictionary." This led us to believe that the "Jersey Shore" castie had been documenting her famous catchphrases, and had possibly even landed a publisher. (For giggles, we came up with some words we hoped would be included in the book, should it ever materialize.) And, well, this new video from VH1's "40 Winningest Winners" gives us further reason to HOPE TO GOD our hunch was correct.

In the clip below, Deena walks her host through some unique slang that would be found in her reference book, like the widely known "blast in a glass," as well as "hammerheads" and "s*** a d*** for Skittles," which are fairly recent developments. Check it out:

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Photos: Splash Images