Josh Wants To Be 'MADE' Into A Parkour Athlete [Sneak Peek]

If you caught any episodes of "MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge," then you know what an extremely dangerous sport it can be. Hard-core athletes take to the streets to vault over things most people have no business even being near, and for one country kid, being part of the pro action is but a dream.

Check out a sneak peek of Saturday's all-new episode of "MADE," where we'll meet Josh, an athletic hopeful with the goal of becoming a big city athlete. He's mastered the moves in his hometown, but to really make it he'll need to train elsewhere. MTV hooked him up with a coach to teach him the techniques necessary to go up against the heavy hitters--be sure to tune in Dec. 10 at 3/2c to see how he handles the pressure.

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