'Real World' Poll: Which San Diego Season Was More Dramatic?

The original SoCal cast in 2004, and the newbies enjoying their pimp pad this year.

There's only one week left till the "Real World: San Diego" finale, and thanks to Frank's "Frankouts," Zashley's relationship woes and Dylan's motorbike caper, this has been a rather eventful season. But did the drama of the current cast trump that of the original San Diego strangers picked to live in a house and start being real?

The only way to truly determine which group caused a bigger ruckus is to put these two seasons in a Drama Battle Royale. Check out the breakdown of each squad's most scandalous moments and let us know who you think was wilder.


2004: While there was plenty of in-house canoodling between Randy and Robin, Cameran and Brad, and, for a few brief moments, Brad and Frankie, most of the action happened with outsiders. And it happened fairly often. Plus, nearly every castie came in with a relationship, which resulted in an apologetic post-cheating phone call. Oops.

2011: This year's batch seemed to lean more on the exclusive side when it came to between-the-sheets action...except for Nate, of course. While Zach and Ashley have yet to consummate their Ken and Barbie dream, Frank found--and lost--the love of his life, and Priscilla guilted her moto-man into doing her laundry and paying for breakfast. How monogamous.

Roomie Issues

2004: Frankie seemed to have the most trouble getting comfortable in the San Diego house. The punkette had to deal with cystic fibrosis, confronting her fear of boats, cheating on her boyfriend and opening up about her cutting illness. In the end, the issues and stress proved to be too much for Frankie and she decided to return home.

2011: Just drop the "ie" from Frankie and you have this season's most troubled roommate. Frank started off demanding attention from Alex, then targeted his anger toward the rest of the house. Eventually, with the help of Michael, he mellowed out...at least, temporarily.

Hot-Button Issues

2004: Robin crossed a line when she got into a bar disagreement with a black man and blurted out a derogatory word. African-American roomie, Jacquese, tried to explain to the Southern party girl how hurtful and gross the term is, but he never fully got through to her.

2011: Zach and Ashley's more conservative backgrounds caused a few uncomfortable collisions with Sam and Frank's sexual orientation. Zashley made little to no effort to become accepting of their lifestyles, and "Thor" wasn't too PC with his comments on homosexuality.

Run-ins With the Law

2004: Former Coyote Ugly saloon girl Robin appeared to have two passions: shaking her rump and causing trouble. The latter landed her and housemate Brad in the slammer after a particularly nasty bar fight. Brad must've liked his prison cell because he ended up in the the drunk tank again only a few episodes later. And it was the night before his girlfriend was scheduled to visit!

2011: While the 2004 San Diego cast spent some serious time with law and order, the closest this group ever got to a real problem with the police was their theft stunt with Dylan's motorbike. But that whole thing was a sham anyway.

+ OK, you've now had a drama refresher for both seasons, so which one triggered the most OMGs? Let us know in the poll!

Which San Diego season is more dramatic?

  • 2004, old school for sure!
  • 2011, this group is scandalous!

Photos by: Zach Cordner, Ian Spanier