Chelsea's Blog: 'Change Is Possible For Anyone'

I cannot believe we've reached the final episode already! It's been an amazing journey, filled with many highs and lows. It was pretty strange to watch myself on TV each week, but I made it through, thanks to your endless support and encouragement.

I'm a far cry from the girl I was when I started...and I'm not just talking about my weight loss. Yes, I've shed well over 100 pounds, but mentally, I am much stronger, more confident and open-minded.

Change is possible for ANYONE! You just have to believe it, visualize it and hold yourself accountable until you make it happen.

I want to thank MTV for taking a chance with me, the crew for all of their hard work, and most important, you, for tuning in, embracing me and rooting for me every step of the way.

So what's next? Well, I'm moving to NYC! Why? Because I'm young, daring and nothing in life is permanent.

Wish me luck!



+ Check out my video blog below for more of my reflections on the season and how far I've come since the premiere.

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