Angie Was Crowned Beauty Queen, But Was She Really 'MADE'?

If you caught Saturday's all-new episodes of "MADE," then you remember meeting Angie, the tomboyish Missouri girl whose friends lovingly referred to as "Mangie." Tired of being compartmentalized as clumsy and unfeminine, she enlisted the help of a pro to change her image. Her goal was to become a pageant queen, and early in her training she quickly learned that being a glam gal took much more than rocking a killer pair of heels; it was about projecting a genuine and transparent personality as well.

+ Angie's powerful platform of dealing with the loss of a loved one coupled with her funny performance earned her a first place finish in the pageant, but did she truly transform into the young lady she wanted to be? Take the poll and let us know if you still think she has a ways to go, or if she was, in fact, "MADE."

Did Angie make it?

  • Yeah, she nailed it!
  • She looked great, but still has a lot of healing and growing to do.

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