Remote Control's Most Controversial Posts Of 2011

For all the pot-stirring MTV talent does, every tear, scuffle and f-bomb broadcast over its airwaves would be in vain if people weren't watching, reacting and gossiping about it the next morning. Similarly, Remote Control is aimless without reader feedback; input from fans of our network's shows is crucial in determining what you guys really want from us (besides the obvious, wink wink).

In 2011, RC readers weren't shy about where they stood on a number of issues, and the polarity kept things interesting. Here are some of the most hotly debated posts from the year:

Post: Ronnie Says He Doesn't Regret Destroying Sammi's Stuff

Show: "Jersey Shore"

The Situation: After Ronnie and Sammi decided to call it quits (again) during the group's return to Seaside Heights, things got pretty heated, especially when Sam asked her former boyfriend if he had any plans to see other girls. Ron didn't love the question, and the couple's biggest blowout yet divided viewers. Some thought Sammi was being overbearing ("Sammi should've been more willing to forgive and trust Ron if she was planning on staying with him after Miami since he didn't do anything wrong after," wrote Kid_Kryptonite) while others noted that Ron's actions were simply inexcusable ("Ronnie's a moron, a pig and a hypocrite! He can do what he wants and treat her like crap! But as soon as she stands up for herself, it's 'Poor Ronnie.' Grow up!" said Angela).

Post: "Teen Mom 2" Poll: Was Jenelle's Mom Too Hard On Her?

Show: "Teen Mom 2"

The Situation: Jenelle spent the better part of "Teen Mom 2" fighting for custody of her son, Jace, with her mother, Barbara. The young mother believed she had every right to go out as a teenager, while Barbara maintained that her daughter's partying was irresponsible and her negligence was dangerous to Jace. The argument was compounded by a fight during the reunion special in which the mother called her daughter "unlovable," and while some RC readers thought Jenelle wasn't getting a fair shot ("In my opinion Barbara wants to see Jenelle fail, so she sets her up for failure by pushing her away," wrote Robin) many agreed with Barbara that Jenelle's behavior was too erratic ("I think Jenelle has had many chances and every chance she gets, she always disappoints. Barbara is a mom that continues to open the door for her daughter and Jenelle just takes things for granted" said pottergal1822).

Post: You Tell Us: Who's The Alpha Wolf?

Show: "Teen Wolf"

The Situation: It was all season before viewers discovered that Peter Hale was the head honcho on "Teen Wolf." Some of you thought it was Scott's veterinarian boss that was causing trouble across Beacon Hills, others thought it was the lacrosse coach that left a wake of bodies across the town, but it was Derek's uncle who was ultimately confirmed as the culprit.

Post: That's What You Said...About Mike And Dustin's Bitter Rivalry

Show: "Real World: Las Vegas"

The Situation: Mike and Dustin were fast friends on "Real World: Las Vegas," but Mike ultimately grew tired of Zito's brashness, and the two grew apart. When the house discovered that Dustin had a past in porn, Mike added insult to Dustin's injury when he told his former friend he'd probably be disallowed from ever entering a public school again. For what seemed like the first time, Mike drew some criticism for his remark ("Dustin is far from perfect, but Mike has some serious jealousy going on. Mike's comment about Dustin being on an adult website and how they might not want him around children was a low blow," wrote Erika), while others thought Dustin had it coming ("I think Mike was right when he said that no matter what Dustin does, everybody takes his side. Dustin is nothing but a total hypocrite. He says derogatory things about gay people, all the while knowing he did gay porn," said the1).

Post: That's What You Said...About Farrah Leaving Sophia Behind

Show: "Teen Mom"

The Situation: For as long as viewers have known her, there's never been a question that Farrah wanted the very best for her daughter, Sophia. Understandably, audiences were a little thrown off when Farrah decided toward the end of Season 3 that she was considering leaving Sophia behind to get a fresh start in Florida. Some readers thought she needed the time to herself ("Farrah should absolutely leave Sophia with her grandparents. How is it fair to that poor baby to be moved to a new environment and given to a stranger who will care for her all day?" wrote Kari), while others thought the young mother was being nothing short of selfish ("Sophia is what matters now and not Farrah's own personal wants and desires. Sophia needs to be in a stable environment and not state-hopping," said Missy).

Post: Snooki's Tattoo Mysteriously Switches Arms, Confuses Masses

Show: "Jersey Shore"

The Situation: When Snooki unveiled some new upper arm inkage on Facebook and Twitter, fans wondered whether or not the tat was real, as the body art appeared to switch arms with every snapshot she posted. Some readers told those who questioned its authenticity that they were insufferable morons for not knowing Macs have a mirror mode (harsh, guys), some thought Snooks got the same tat emblazoned on both her left and right arm and others thought the disparity between the star placement was proof the girl was a fraud. For the record, the thing's real, but the path to enlightenment was certainly a rocky one.

Post: "16 And Pregnant" Poll: Should Jennifer Have Pressed Charges Against Josh?

Show: "16 And Pregnant"

The Situation: One thing that's not up for debate: The way teen dad Josh roughed up his child's mother, Jennifer, on "16 and Pregnant" was unconscionable. But what viewers weren't sure of was whether it was smart of Jennifer to ultimately drop charges, and, further, if Josh was within his right to take the kids away from her. "She needs to call the cops every time she even thinks he's getting too aggressive with her and maybe that will cool his ego," lorag519 wrote, while others thought Josh was fighting an impossible battle with Jennifer's parents involved: "How much crap did he need to take from that family? He would have been better off lying and cheating on Jennifer like most guys do than trying to do the right thing with her father," cyn commented.

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