MTV Twitter Roundup: Paula And Laurel Are At (Thumb) War

The first time we got a sense that hostility existed between Laurel and Paula was back during "Cutthroat," when the emotional competitors jumped on top of each other and went at it the only way they knew how--topless. Well, it seems that the beef between them has only grown, as the two took some nasty jabs at each other over Twitter last night. Leave it on the battlefield, ladies.

Elsewhere, Vinny, who came down with an insufferable case of conjunctivitis during his first trip to Seaside, may have pinkeye again! (Is there no doctor that can help him get this under control already?)

And over in "Hills" country, recent Trojan pupil Spencer Pratt has apparently been doing everything in his power to bring his grades back up. He just announced that he stood in front of the class and recited a classic poem by the great Robert Frost to earn some extra credit. Great choice, Spence.

Check out more of what your favorite MTV stars were up to this week:

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