MTV's Best Celebrity Cameos Of 2011

Nicki Minaj offers "ABDC" Season 6 hopefuls advice on being unique.

We at MTV are confident our talent has what it takes to keep you laughing, crying and sometimes even gagging, but once in awhile, it's nice to throw some spice into the mix and call on the efforts of our celeb friends that are willing to sacrifice the safety of their crotches for a funny stunt, or simply poke a little fun at themselves. Check out our network's best cameos of 2011, including a whole bunch of stops at Rob Dyrdek's "Fantasy Factory." Hey, if you build it, they will come...

Moment: Nicki Minaj Pushes For Out-Of-The-Box Moves

Show: "America's Best Dance Crew"

It's no secret that Nicki Minaj is eccentric, so when she stopped by "ABDC" she had a simple challenge for the competition's four remaining crews: follow suit and be unique. Check out the clip for some shock and awe as the MC sweetheart pays the hip-shakers a visit at the studios.

Moment: Swizz Beatz Weighs In On The "ABDC" Finalists

Show: "America's Best Dance Crew"

"ABDC" host Layla Kayleigh sat down with producer Swizz Beatz to get his take on Season 6 of the show. Kayleigh managed to bring out the inner goofball within the straight shooter, who said IaMMe, the group that went on to win the competition, had his favorite move of the season.

Moment: Vinny Guadagnino Won't Give Service With A Smile

Show: "Disaster Date"

Vinny's generally considered the nice guy of Seaside Heights, so it was a little unnerving to see him play a foul-mouthed, hotheaded waiter on "Disaster Date." When Vinny called out a restaurant patron for her rudeness, her boyfriend looked ready to sock him, but the guy managed to keep his cool and win some cash for enduring Vin's deplorable customer service.

Moment: Justin Bieber Gets A Taste Of Paradise

Show: "Fantasy Factory"

Most people would have certain apprehensions when challenged with driving a go-kart over a a sizable ramp, but not the Canadian boy wonder. Rob let Justin Bieber loose in the "Fantasy Factory," and when Bieber exhausted his adrenaline, he was rewarded with a purple hot rod with which he immediately hit the highway.

Moment: Devo Get Rob Dyrdek Into The Mix

Show: "Fantasy Factory"

It's pretty simple: Rob Dyrdek loves '80s pop sensation Devo and wanted to lend his best "Y-Y-Y-Y-YEAH!" to the group's "Uncontrollable." He was a little nervous at first and jumped the gun on his first take in the studio, but once the enormity of Devo's faith hit him, he nailed the next and left the recording booth a vocal pro.

Moment: Rob Dyrdek Gives His Mother The Gift Of Fabio

Show: "Fantasy Factory"

Patty Dyrdek doesn't seem like she needs all the bells and whistles of glitzy premieres to enjoy life, so when her son, Rob, set up a step-and-repeat in her honor, it seemed like enough of a gift to give her a thrill. But while she was soaking in the moment, consummate romance novel cover stud Fabio stepped out, and the woman almost had a coronary. Rob, you're rightfully deemed son of the year--no contest.

Moment: Cousin Vinny And RJ Talk Man-To-Man

Show: "The Hard Times of RJ Berger"

RJ Berger's crush on Jenny Swanson was perceptible from outer space, and when the guy told his cousin, Vinny (heh heh), that he was too scared to make a move, V told encouraged guy to get some confidence (and then promptly returned to manicuring his expressive eyebrows). If you remember correctly, Jenny said yes to RJ's proposition, proving the notion that all you need to get love is a little GTL.

Moment: Johnny Knoxville Tells The Tall Tale Of His Broken Pee-Pee

Show: "Ridiculousness"

Johnny Knoxville loves to do crazy sh**. Rob Dyrdek loves to glorify people who do crazy sh**. So it was only a matter of time before the madcap made his way onto "Ridiculousness," and when Rob asked his guest to pick the worst stunt he encountered through all his years as a "Jackass," the answer was clear: The time his crotch broke a motorbike's fall. Happens to the best of us...

Moment: Jimmy Fallon Still Can't Keep A Straight Face

Show: "Silent Library"

When "Saturday Night Live" alum and "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon was challenged to stick a 6-foot sandwich down his pants on "Silent Library," we had a pretty good idea of what might happen. The guy famous for breaking during scenes did exactly that, and it's safe to say his conspicuous snickers didn't earn him a single dime.

Moment: The "Jersey Shore" Cast Laughs Through Snooki's Lunchtime Lick

Show: "Silent Library"

Snooks looked terrified when the "Jersey Shore" gang overturned their cards on "Silent Library," and she became the unfortunate recipient of the yellow skull and crossbones. She had every right to be scared: Her challenge was to lick cocoa butter off a man's hairy back, and after a not-so-valiant effort, Snooks ended up spilling the groceries into a nearby trash can. The FDA does not approve.

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