Chelsea Settles' 5 Most Important Life Lessons

After spending the past few episodes torn between staying in Los Angeles or moving to Tennessee to be with her boyfriend, Rory, Chelsea Settles finally decided to stay in California. Now that she's made up her mind, we thought we'd look back at her amazing journey and the most important lessons she learned along the way.

Take Initiative

Chelsea always hoped that moving to L.A. would force her to break out of her shell. And wow, has she ever! Not only did she secure herself a job at The Vanity Room, but she hired a personal trainer who inspired her to get in shape and value herself. As a result, our fabulous fashionista lost an amazing 91 pounds!

Break Your Own Rules

Chelsea used to hold herself back from new experiences because she was afraid of being judged by others. (Remember how she once refused to eat in front of other people?) Slowly, she started opening up to new opportunities, even if it meant she had to run an uncomfortably long race.

Don't Compare Yourself To Others

Chelsea always had a competitive relationship with her Vanity Room coworker, Ashley, so the Pennsylvania transplant was shocked to learn that Ashley wasn't even going after the same promotion! Chelsea ultimately didn't get the offer she wanted, but she hopefully realized that the only person she needs to compete with is herself.

Don't Hide From The Hard Stuff

Throughout the season, whenever Chelsea was confronted with a situation that made her uneasy (like when her trainer Angela asked her if she was leaving L.A.), the California newbie got defensive, often storming away rather than dealing with the issue directly. After talking it out with Jenna, Chelsea eventually apologized to Angela and said she had to find a better way to deal with her emotions.

Takes Chances

When Jenna put the suitcases in her car, we feared Chelsea was moving to Tennessee. Fortunately, our confident heroine decided that moving in with Rory would be the safe choice, and she wanted to see what else California had in store.

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