Pauly D Talks Bachelorhood, His New Spin-Off And Your Tweets

MTV News' Sway introduces Pauly D to the Planet Hollywood crowd.

If you ever find me complaining about my job, go ahead and tell me to "STFU." And if you know where I live, feel free to egg my bedroom window.

Sure, it's 11:25 p.m. and I'm at the office, dinnerless and maniacally typing my way towards tendonitis, but I wasn't here all night. Right across the street at Planet Hollywood in Times Square, I was one of hundreds of "Jersey Shore" fans chanting "Pauly D!" as he smushed his golden brown palms (yes, even his palms are tan) into a block of cement. Fugghedaboutit, Hollywood Boulevard--Pauly's prints will be forever preserved on the wall of a restaurant where thousands of tourists suck down blue frozen drinks every day!

Five minutes into the molding process and Pauly's still holding strong!

Perhaps my favorite part of the handprint ceremony was when Pauly called his old friends up onstage to officially be introduced to the fans. (Actually, no, I have a favoriter part: It was afterward, when one of them confided in me that Pauly's hands are "a size shmedium, just like his underwear.") You'll be seeing a lot of these guys in Pauly's new spin-off. The series' cameramen were filming tonight's event, as well as my interview with the man himself, and that's where the "I'm the luckiest girl in the world" part comes in...

He kissed me. Twice. (It was on the cheek, but that's irrelevant.) Once as a "hello" (bear hug included!) and then another to say "goodbye." I can still smell the heavy cologne on my sweater.

Two milliseconds before his lips grazed my cheek.

I'll tell ya, Pauly really knows how to make a gal feel special. And it's not like it was ALL physical. Oh, we talked and talked about his spin-off and the upcoming season of "Jersey Shore," and he even got personal when expressing his desire to find a girlfriend with whom he can share all these exciting experiences. Nooo, I wasn't so bold--or tan--enough to offer my own services, but there was something so comfortable and sweet about sitting across from him while he opened up about really real stuff that I left feeling a little jealous of the lucky bitch--the one that doesn't even exist yet--who will eventually land this lovely guy.

But enough of the Splenda-fest. Check out my interview with Pauly below, in which I try try TRY to get him to reveal the next "Jersey Shore" catchphrase.

The dashing DJ washes his hands after the handprint ceremony is completed.

How are your hands feeling after letting them sit in cement for 10 straight minutes?

They feel good! That was one of the coolest things.

Your friends were saying that it's the longest they've ever seen you sit still.

I know, I'm always fidgety. I'm always doing something with my hands, being a DJ and all. I talk with my hands all the time.

Like fist-pumping!


So, the cameras for your new spin-off were here tonight. What's it like filming without the rest of the "Jersey Shore" cast by your side?

I love the "Jersey Shore" cast, but to film my own show is really great. It's just me and my daily stuff that I normally do, and I get to take my boys along to see what it's like.

So who exactly are these guys?

It's two of my best friends from Rhode Island: Big Jerry and my boy Biggie. There's also my boy Ryan, and we get ourselves into some big trouble.

Pauly's pals enjoy their first 15 minutes of fame. You can bet there will be more...

How does filming with them compare to filming with your "Jersey" family?

These guys I've known for over 10 years and they really know how to push my buttons. And I know how to push their buttons. But they also know exactly how to make me laugh, and I know exactly how to make them laugh. This is just me and my family on the road.

You're usually the calmest guy in the "Jersey Shore" house, so does this mean we'll be seeing a more aggressive side of you on the spin-off?

Oh yeah, you'll see--these guys really know what to do and say to make me mad.

Will Vinny be making any guest appearances?

I hope so. Vinny's my best friend, too, so getting him on the show would be great.

You guys are so close--does he get possessive now that you're spending so much quality time with other friends?

He gets jealous. I gotta hide stuff from him!

The girl with the pony is me, and you know exactly who I'm talking to.

You're the king of catchphrases. Can you leak one that we might soon be saying over and over again?

There's so many. [Lowers voice] They say that I can't.

C'mon, I won't tell. Actually, of course I will.

All I can say is that there are a lot, and I might be responsible for some of them. You'll definitely be hearing a lot more "Yeah, buddy." We've still got that one, but there will be a whole new language coming soon.

So what can we expect from Season 5 of "Jersey Shore"?

Honestly, for me, I think it was my best season. It was my best time ever spent at the Shore. What happened with Italy is that we missed Jersey so much that we hit [the ground] running when we got back. I like ran to the clubs. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Is there anything you won't let the cameras catch you doing?

In the beginning I was so nervous to come out of the bathroom with my hair undone, but now that we've been doing it for so long, it's nothing. They can film me 24/7, I don't even notice anymore. I'll pick my nose...whatever. It's all fair game.

But do you ever miss having private time?

A little bit. Sometimes you just want to go to the store alone, or go to the movies without cameras following you.

At the last "Jersey Shore Hook-Up: Live Edition," you said that you were accepting applications for a girlfriend. Are you doing a serious search, or is it too difficult while you're so busy?

I do really want someone. There are so many great things going on in my life, and I need that other person to share it with. But I definitely feel it's harder now than ever. You've got everyone coming at you, and you don't know what their intentions are. But I really want to find that person. I heard you're not supposed to look, and then it just comes, so...

Lastly, you're a Twitter fanatic, and I know by how much you RT and reply to @MTVShowBlog that you really do read every tweet.

Yeah, sorry I couldn't bring you that food you wanted tonight. We couldn't stop the car in traffic.

That's right, we asked you to bring us dinner! You were late, and we were so hungry waiting around for you!

I was seriously going to get you a pizza.

Stop, now you're making me really hungry. Anyway, you pay close attention to your followers' tweets, and I know they appreciate it. What's the nicest thing you've ever had tweeted to you by a fan?

I like the ones where they say that I'm responsible for some new positive thing in their life, like weight loss. They'll say, "GTL really inspired me and now I lost a lot of weight," or that seeing pictures of me inspires them to work out. Stuff like that goes a long way to me, just seeing that I may have changed their life a little bit. There was actually one kid on Facebook who I kept in touch with while he was doing a diet program and training, and he eventually ended up losing like 100 pounds. It was so cool.

A face only a mother--and hundreds of thousands of people--could love.

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