'Real World' Poll: Is Frank Better Off Single?

Well, we never saw this one coming.

Then again, we probably should have.

Just when we thought that fickle Frank had turned over a new leaf and was making smart decisions in his relationship with Michael, we met Todd, the irresistible (?) homewrecker that ruined everything! But in all seriousness, the destruction of "Real World: San Diego"'s finest couple was no one's fault but Frank's, who couldn't bare the responsibility of actually being in a relationship.

Early on in his courtship with Michael, we feared they were moving too fast--ILYs flew out of their mouths just as soon as their pants came off--but a little cheating didn't mean it had to end, did it? Well, according to Michael, who was destroyed after Frank's adultery, it really did.

+ Now that Frank's free to spread his wings and explore his sexuality with no strings attached, will he prevail? Or will he crash and burn? Take the poll and let us know if you think Frank is better off a single man.

Is Frank better off single?

  • Yes, he's not ready for a commitment.
  • No, he needs someone to ground him.

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