Did Nate's Hot Night With His Boss Cross A Line?

Readers, this blogger can think of a time when forgetting to fill the ice cream truck up with premium unleaded (yes, you read that correctly) left him in a cold sweat when he considered the backlash that was sure to come from his boss the next day. So when Nate threw caution to the wind on "Real World" and his boss down onto his bed, we had to make sure what we saw was what we saw. And after a second take, and with the help of Priscilla's narration, we can say with certainty that the two went downtown and all around, and friendly Michelle got several helpings of her employee.

Question is: How will things change at work now that Nate and Michelle have sealed the summer fling deal? Put aside the fact that the guy led her on and then let her down (not your finest move, buddy), things are sure to take a turn for the awkward when Nate faces his next House of Blues performance review. Efficient? Check. Motivated? Sure. Appropriate in and outside of the workplace? Uhh...pending further inspection.

+ What do you think--was Nate well within his right to get down with his boss, or is this an across-the-board professional no-no?

Did Nate cross the line when he hooked up with Michelle?

  • Yeah, that's gotta be against company protocol.
  • Nah, as long as it doesn't interfere with work, there's no harm.

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