What Prevented Janelle From Hitting Her Weight Loss Target?

Over and over again we see the role that family plays in an individual's eating habits. More often than not, children inherit their parents' methods of preparing foods, which can present a big problem if the child eventually wants to change their diet. During tonight's episode of "I Used To Be Fat," we met Janelle, an overweight teen whose choice to cut out fatty meals proved much harder than she thought. Skipping out on carb-heavy, high-calorie dishes meant she had to break away from her family's delicious dinners, but that was something Janelle was unwilling to do. Coupling lengthy weight-lifting sessions with partying left little time for rest, and in the end, Janelle wasn't able to hit her goal weight. So what really got in her way?

+ Do you think Janelle could have lost all the weight if her family had added healthier dinner options or insisted she eat elsewhere, or did her issues run far deeper than that? Take the poll and sound off!

What kept Janelle from reaching her goal?

  • The dinners! Her parents should have cooked healthier or banned her from them.
  • Herself. She wasn't willing enough in general.

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