Should Chelsea Move To Tennessee To Be With Rory?

During tonight's back-to-back episodes of "Chelsea Settles," our feisty young heroine received some unexpected news from her boyfriend, Rory. He was returning from Afghanistan early and wanted her to join him--permanently--in Tennessee.

Had Chelsea received the news a few weeks ago when she wasn't doing well at work and hadn't yet developed strong relationships with people in L.A., the answer may have been obvious; but that's not the case now. In fact, she's feeling pretty clueless about what to decide. After all, Chelsea is waist-deep in proving herself promotion-worthy at The Vanity Room and getting closer with her inspiring roommate Jenna every day. How could she possibly leave everything that she fought so hard to get?

+ It's still not clear what Chelsea's going to do, but what do you think? Should she pack up and join the man she's been with for five years, or stay in California and continue pursuing her dreams? Take the poll, then sound off in the comments about whether you've ever had to make such a big decision!

Should Chelsea move to Tennessee?

  • Yes, she's been with Rory for 5 years.
  • No, she's come so far in L.A.

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