MTV's Best Cries Of 2011

Remote Control was thrilled to document MTV's finest gross-out moments and one-liners of the past year, but we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't also acknowledge the many moments our show talent turned on the waterworks and let out a good cry. From bawling over the shame of kissing a best friend's crush to shedding happy tears during a fake wedding, our scene-stealers left an indelible memory of curled lips and smudged mascara. Take a look at our picks for Best Cries of 2011:

Moment: Jenna Begs For Tamara's Forgiveness

Show: "Awkward."

When Jenna waded through her blackout and realized she'd kissed her BFF's crush at a party, she rushed to Tamara's house to apologize and explain herself. Turns out, T wasn't ready to forgive and forget, but at least we got this awesome cry as a result.

Moment: Sadie Shows Her Soft-ish Side

Show: "Awkward."

It was only a matter of time before the right thread was pulled and Sadie's insecurity was brought to light. When the "Awkward" bully's mother caught her sneaking a cookie, she confronted her daughter about her weight, and Sadie became a mess of tears as she delved into her struggle to be comfortable in her own skin.

Moment: Frank Freaks Out

Show: "Real World: San Diego"

When Frank wised up to the fact that his roommate, Nate, was catching Zs outside the room because of his discomfort with Frank's sexuality, he flipped out and left the floor littered with broken vases. While the confrontation started aggressively, it ended with Frank in tears as he struggled to cope with Nate's close-mindedness.

Moment: Friends Remain Friends

Show: "FriendZone"

When Conner confessed his feelings for good friend Brittanie, the dude was dealt a low blow. Britt said she could have seen the two dating if he'd acted on his feelings earlier, but it was too little too late. Both parties let the tears flow when they realized what they'd lost.

Moment: JWOWW Gives Snooki A Reality Check

Show: "Jersey Shore"

When Jionni fled the scene after bearing witness to some of Snooks' vulgar club dancing, she ran after him, but was left in the dust. And when she copped an attitude with Jenni, who was just trying to help, JWOWW wasn't having any of it and put homegirl in her place. Snooki let loose mascara tears that could rival Lauren Conrad's.

Moment: Sam And Ron Do What They Do Best

Show: "Jersey Shore"

Sam's no stranger to waterworks, but we saw an especially fantastic display when she decided to leave the "Jersey Shore" house in Season 3. When Ron realized there was no changing her mind, the couple melted into a heap of sobs and cried the early morning away.

Moment: Mike And Naomi Seal The Deal With A Kiss Cry

Show: "Real World: Las Vegas"

Finally, some happy tears! When Mike and Naomi decided to leave the desert in true Vegas style--like, by getting sham married--the two couldn't help but smile and laugh through their pseudo-vows. By the time the sacred Ring Pops were wrapped around two readied fingers, the fun of the moment got Mike a little misty-eyed, and he gave his new wife a glimpse into his sensitive side.

Moment: Nany's Past Rears Its Ugly Head

Show: "Real World: Las Vegas"

When a heated argument left Nany seeing red, she revealed that she'd been the victim of abuse in a past relationship. And while Dustin and Naomi did their best to console their housemate, their efforts were in vain. The tears just couldn't be stopped.

Moment: Allison's Fear Leaves Her Cheeks Wet

Show: "Teen Wolf"

After a creature chased the Beacon Hills High gang through the school, Scott manned up and decided to confront the Alpha Wolf face to face. His girlfriend, Allison, pleaded with him to stay, but the more she tried, the closer he got to the door. No amount of A. Argent's salty tears could get him to stick around and err on the side of caution.

Moment: Cara Maria And Paula Prove Words Hurt

Show: "The Challenge: Rivals"

While Cara Maria and Laurel were formerly mortal enemies, the pair-by-obligation became fast friends on "Rivals," and when Laurel saw her buddy being mocked, she went for the jugular...of everyone around her. Cut to: CM and Paula both in tears and a series of new rivalries cemented. Proof that some wounds should remain shut:

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