Holiday Gifts For The 'Jersey Shore' Fans In Your Life

Last year, you most likely gifted your fist-pumping East Coast buddies with a cheetah-print hair clip or some Spiker Styling Glue (Pauly D still can't stop raving about its hold), but after four eventful seasons of "Jersey Shore," it's a lot harder to nail down a guido-inspired holiday shopping list. That's where we come in. Take a look at our carefully curated collection of presents below:

1. Jersey Shore 3-piece Ornament Set ($24.95)

Help your friend decorate their Douglas Fir with a miniature "Situation," whose enviable six-pack will surely outshine anything else dangling from the branches. The set also includes a Snooki and Pauly D case Mike's still on your s*** list.

2. Crocodilly (small, $19.90; large, $34.90)

Snooki's living, breathing partner-in-crime may come in the form of a meatball, but in the stuffed animal kingdom, her closest bud is a lime-green reptile. Friends don't let friends snuggle in bed without their very own Crocodilly!

3. "500 Pizzas & Flatbreads: The Only Pizza & Flatbread Compendium You'll Ever Need" ($16.95)

The great JWOWW once said, "When my kids ask me, 'Where did you make pizza?' I'll be like, 'Bitch, I made it in Florence, now shut up and eat my pizza!'" Help your cronies create the same heartwarming moments with their families by wrapping a big fat bow around this cookbook.

4. Taxi Sono Qui T-shirt ($19.99 - $22.99)

In Seaside Heights, Pauly often belted out his "Cabs are heeeyah" catch phrase, but in Italy, the language barrier made it more difficult to snag a ride. In time, though, calling for a car became second nature and "Taxi Sono Qui" rolled off his tongue with ease, making it yet another popular one-liner.

5. Croft & Barrow Floral Straw Floppy Hat (on sale for $20.40)

The Jersey girls' international head accessories were all the rage in Season 4, so get the lucky guidette of your choosing her own wide-brimmed Royal Wedding-inspired hat to wear out to dinner...or the Laundromat.

6. Men's Purple Denim by Just Cavalli (on sale for $115)

Vinny rocked his trusty purple pants at the "Jersey Shore Hook-Up: Live Edition," and even though his roommates teased him, colored denim is totally here to stay. If you have a guido style-setter that's eager to impress, toss him a pair of these jeans.

7. Statue Of David Apron ($16.95)

In Florence, Deena Nicole proudly sported a cooking apron that featured The David's exposed male member. For a guy not born and bred in Jersey, he's got a smokin' bod, and now the chef in your life can have one too!

8. Spiked Bracelet ($156)

No one loves dangerously sharp accessories like Snooki, who recently added an assortment of spiky wrist candy to her wardrobe. To say you care, buy your fashionista friends some bling that can double as self-defense.

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