Janelle's Mom Tearfully Defends Her Overweight Family [Sneak Peek]

Unless overweight teens are willing to take criticism and listen to instruction, there's only so much that a fitness trainer can do. Maintaining an interest in changing bad habits is a part of the weight-loss process, but as we've seen in many "I Used To Be Fat" episodes, not everyone is prepared --in the beginning, at least--to endure the mental hurdles that accompany their new lifestyle.

Check out a sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, where we'll meet Janelle, an obese young woman whose mother is very protective. Her mom knows what it's like to be heavy--she was even diagnosed with diabetes--and thinks that being constantly reminded about looming health hazards is doing a disservice to her family. Hopefully she and her daughter can learn to be less defensive so the trainer can help them.

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