Janelle’s Mom Tearfully Defends Her Overweight Family [Sneak Peek]

Unless overweight teens are willing to take criticism and listen to instruction, there’s only so much that a fitness trainer can do. Maintaining an interest in changing bad habits is a part of the weight-loss process, but as we’ve seen in many “I Used To Be Fat” episodes, not everyone is prepared –in the beginning, at least–to endure the mental hurdles that accompany their new lifestyle.

Check out a sneak peek of Tuesday’s all-new episode, where we’ll meet Janelle, an obese young woman whose mother is very protective. Her mom knows what it’s like to be heavy–she was even diagnosed with diabetes–and thinks that being constantly reminded about looming health hazards is doing a disservice to her family. Hopefully she and her daughter can learn to be less defensive so the trainer can help them.

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