'IUTBF' Poll: Should Holly Have Asked Her Mom For More Support?

During tonight's episode of "I Used To Be Fat," we met Holly, a frustrated teen that admitted she was a product of her parents' poor eating habits. But even after enlisting the help of a committed fitness trainer, her mother's negative attitude really messed with her mind. At one point, Holly's mom actually expressed disappointment in her daughter's progress, highlighting the fact that, although though she hit her goal of dropping below 180 pounds, it took her two weeks to lose 3 pounds.

Holly experienced a lot of mental hurdles throughout her summer, from neglecting her diet completely to giving up during training sessions, but in the end, she found the strength to prevail and even influence her family, who was once the cause of much of her sorrow.

+ Do you think Holly should have explicitly asked her mom to jump on board sooner, or did she do the right thing by being patient with her loved ones? Take the poll and sound off in the comments!

Should Holly have asked for more help?

  • Yes, it took way too long for her mom to lend support.
  • No, Holly got in her own way.

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