MTV's Biggest Relationship Breakups And Makeups Of 2011

Say what you will about MTV's most infamous couples. (Don't mind if we do: They're contentious, disagreeable and exhausting.) But boring is one adjective they are not, and every time a bed frame was displaced in 2011, or a sizable cat was let out of an equally vast bag, we kept our fingers crossed that maybe one part oil and one part water could somehow defy the odds and find a way to mix again. Check out our picks for biggest Breakups And Makeups Of 2011 here:

Moment: Jenna's Sweet 16 Surprise

Show: "Awkward."

After casting her 16th birthday off as a nightmare never to be repeated, Jenna rummaged through the relics of her past and discovered--after locating her birth certificate--that she still had a few lingering moments of age 15 to endure. When the clock finally struck next year, on-again off-again boyfriend Matty saved the day by rapping on Jenna's door and confessing his true feelings.

Moment: Ron, The Bedroom Destroyer

Show: "Jersey Shore"

After Ronni and Sammi decided to go their separate ways in Seaside Heights, Sam realized how tough seeing her juicehead with another girl might be. She expressed her fear that she might not be able to handle him dating, and the guy flipped his sh**. An exchange of harsh words led to Ronnie picking up Sam's bed while she rode it and the argument out.

Moment: Sully Reveals Bryson's Secret

Show: "My Life As Liz"

When Liz and Bryson finally got a grip of their status as friends in New York, Sully accidentally let it slip that Bryson had been completely in love with Liz since their days in Burleson (nice one, dude!). Liz was at a loss for words, and another insufferably awkward moment was added to her list of discomforts.

Moment: X-Mas With Amber And Gary

Show: "Teen Mom"

To call Amber and Gary's relationship rocky would be like chalking up Vesuvius' eruption to "an inconvenience." It was nice to see the holidays bring the two together, though, and after Leah placed her very first ornament on the Christmas tree's readied bow, her parents put their differences aside for a second and shared a genuinely nice moment.

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